शनिवार, 18 जून 2022

First rain of the season

Though I have understood that reading is more important than writing and after reading more and more I have realised that my writings have been of poor quality and quality comes from self effortlessly. 

But this has been an annual affair now for Chirayu to recite a few lines in front of his class and I try to write a few lines for him which i don't say is a poem :)

First rain of the season


Its petrichor* the fragrance

when I feel and sense;

I dance and sing the songs

my soul just goes buoyant!

*petrichor is the fragrance of the soil after the first rain of the season.


I smell the lovely wind

after the heated months;

and my heart is drenched

when the first rain comes.


I am not alone, you know;

to cheer with me, are the plants;

waiting in the window

they were bored for the months!


trees standing tall around

hug others and swing

those dull and dusty leaves

are lush and so pristine


I hop on the cycle

and go to ride around

I ride up the hill

n roll down, down, down!


joyous trees wave to me

with the musical breeze;

roaring waves of the ocean

dance to make me please.

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